Students learn through investigating, questioning, problem solving, wondering, planning and remembering.

Academic growth

Our contemporary teaching and learning program develops and accelerates your child’s learning.

By focussing on the Australian Curriculum, we are able to extend your child’s knowledge, skills and understandings. By taking learning experiences outside the classroom, we are able to meet all types of learning needs and styles.

Our extra-curricular program extends them in their areas of strength and challenges them to take on new challenges.

Skills for learning and life

To be competent and capable learners for life, children need to be highly skilled in literacy and numeracy as well as proficient in learning and life skills. These skills include creativity, collaboration, curiosity, research, persistence and moral and ethical decision making. Having these skills means children can enjoy and embrace the challenges of learning now and into the future.

Reading and writing support

We have a systematic and rigorous approach to the teaching of reading and writing in classrooms. This is complemented with an intensive individual program for children who are struggling to become confident and competent in these areas.

English as additional language

We have many students who are proficient in languages other than English and require appropriate support to become confident and competent with the English language. This has lead to our teachers working collaboratively to develop high quality English teaching and learning programs, which ultimately benefits all of our students.

Personalised Plans for Learning

At times during a child’s academic development they may need a more tailored learning plan. These plans have clear, measurable learning goals that are developed in partnership with families and are regularly reviewed with progress closely monitored.