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We are a Catholic School and ask all our students and families to support the Catholic ethos and values in which our community is grounded. We have children from diverse religious backgrounds as well as those who have no particular faith, all of which we respect and welcome in our community.

Currently, our students go to a number of secondary Catholic and Government schools once they have completed Year 6.

When enrolling in a Catholic secondary school priority is given to students who have attended Catholic primary schools.

Catholic secondary schools in our area include:

(As from 2019, St Margaret Mary's will be a Preschool to Yr 6 school.  Please note, most Catholic school's in South Australia will make this change in 2019).

Children from our Preschool do have priority of enrolment before children from other preschools. However, we also welcome all enrolment enquiries for Reception and generally have enough vacancies to be able to accommodate children from other preschools.

St Margaret Mary's School has one Reception intake per year at the beginning of Term 1.  Children who turn five years of age on or before 30th April will commence in Term 1 of that year.  Children turning five years of age on or after 1st May will commence at the beginning of the following year.

We have a Starting School calculator available on our web site. Simply enter your child's month and year of birth and we will calculate when they will start school.

Children are four years old when they start Preschool. St Margaret Mary's School has one Preschool intake per year, at the beginning of Term 1.  Children who turn four years old on or before 30th April will commence Preschool in Term 1 of that year.  Children turning four years of age on or after 1st May will commence at the beginning of the following year.

Once children have completed a full year in preschool they then move into Reception, which is the first year of formal primary schooling in South Australia.

It is only the name of the educational service for four-year old children - Preschool is the same as Kindy or Kindergarten! Students in our Preschool receive the same developmentally appropriate, play-based educational experiences planned around the same Early Years Learning Framework as those in other kindergartens in South Australia.

St Margaret Mary’s School follows recommendations from Catholic Education South Australia regarding class sizes. In Preschool there are 22 children per session with a trained Preschool teacher and an Educational Support Officer (ESO).  In Reception to Year 1 the maximum number of students is 25 and from Years 2 to 7 this number is 29.

School fees are outlined in the Enrolment section of our site. We have also included payment options that are available for parents.